"Exquisite" - MindFlip


I've always lived by the mantra, The only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves. I was born with Tourette's Syndrome, and although I had a fear of being limited by my condition, I eventually started to see it a different way in order to power my dreams.
Since my start in 2018, I've worked hard to carve out a lane for myself with my modern take on 90's/2000's style Hip-Hop. Working with producer SokΓ©, my new project, the Duality: The Life of a Gemini EP will diversify my sound while still maintaining the smooth but intricate flows I’m known for.

With my new release, I really wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be "Exquisite" while also showcasing the fun, positive vibe of the song. The succinct explanation is: Bridgerton meets Project X.

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