5 Must-Have Features for Your Waterfront Property


5 Must-Have Features for Your Waterfront Property

Waterfront homes have a distinctive appearance matching the soothing serenity of the water they’re next to. Check out features to add to your property today.

Waterfront properties are a slice of paradise with a vast appeal. Their unique build and features prove advantageous when you want to experience a vacation without travel. While the world of opportunities they present is endless, there are five must-have features for your waterfront property that can elevate fun while adding value to your space. 

Private Dock
Waterfront properties are famous for their proximity to water. With unlimited access to the nearby lake or ocean, you’ll have more space to venture and more reason to get together with friends and family. 
Incorporating a residential private boat dock design is a smart move that gives you a designated area to station boats, soak in the sun’s rays, or situate your lawn chair and tackle box for a fishing getaway. 

Spacious Garage
Regarding boats, boat owners need extra space to station vessels when not in use. A spacious garage with enough space to store vehicles, crafts, and essential boating equipment lets you keep your assets close without enabling them to take over your home.

Can you imagine getting caught in the rain during a day at the lake? Your clothes are wet, and your feet are muddy, making it difficult to re-enter your home.
By adding a mudroom to your property, you'll have a buffer area between the outdoors and the rest of the residence, so you can leave dirty shoes and clothing instead of tracking dirt and debris throughout the space.

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting adds to any night gathering by introducing a subtle glow to structures and surfaces. You can incorporate string lighting to poles and pergolas, lanterns to outdoor walls, and spot lighting to landscapes for a warm touch to your property.

Waterfront properties exude a degree of calm that attracts homebuyers to the lifestyle. Between the tranquil waves and surrounding environments, peace is something you’ll want to preserve. 
To maintain this serene atmosphere, consider placing fencing around your property so that you can enjoy the various sights and sounds at the level of privacy you desire. Incorporating these must-haves for your waterfront property allows you to experience life by the water to the fullest and connect with the great outdoors.

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