Do-It-Yourself Hair Masks To Consider Trying at Home


Do-It-Yourself Hair Masks To Consider Trying at Home

Figuring out how to help your hair is challenging when you don’t know which products to use. Here are some effective hair mask ideas you can try at home.

You may be looking into trying a hair mask at home for many reasons. This might feel like the ultimate solution to troubled hair, but it’s essential to use the right ingredients to ensure you don’t increase any damage. Issues such as breakage and dryness, are fixable with a little help from natural elements. Here are some of the most effective do-it-yourself hair masks you can try. 

The Baking Soda Power-Cleanse
Baking soda is an incredible tool you probably already have in your house. It’s an effective cleanser and deodorizer. But when you combine it with your existing shampoo, you can use this new combination to deep-clean your scalp. As long as you use a shampoo designed for your hair type, the properties of baking soda can descale any residue or product buildup and help the hair cuticles breathe. You can use this mask in the shower, and it has to sit on your hair for only a few minutes. 

Coconut Oil Nighttime Mask 
A coconut oil nighttime mask is easy to do yourself when you need a boost of hydration or reparative properties. It can also act as a preventative for excessive breakage and heat damage. This is an easy hair mask to try at home because you don’t have to mix anything or get any ratios perfect for it to be effective. Just take one spoonful of coconut oil, warm it up so that it liquefies, and apply it to damp hair, away from the roots. Wrap your hair in a bun or silk scarf to protect your pillowcases, and wash your hair in the morning. 

Avocado-Honey-Oil Mask
Hair damage results from many things, including heat tools, poor-quality products, or a lack of nutrients. A hair mask routine can help you stay on top of some of these compounding effects and combat visible signs of damage. Using a combination of avocado, honey, and olive oil is a great way to alleviate this damage. Combine half an avocado with equal parts olive oil and honey in a bowl. The consistency should be paste-like. Apply this combination to wet hair from the bottom up, and apply a shower cap to avoid leaving traces of hair mask all over the house. 

The Power of ACV 
Sometimes, a lack of shine and life is more of a problem than damage. For those instances, turn to apple cider vinegar. When our hair appears shiny, full of life, and bountiful, we feel better and appear more confident. Combine equal parts apple cider vinegar, honey, and coconut oil in a bowl and adjust the ratio for the desired consistency. Apply this combination to damp hair and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it out with your preferred shampoo. This can also lock in your color-treated hair, and it pairs well with any hair type. At-home hair masks are fun, effective, and relatively simple. Many people already have these ingredients in their pantries or fridges. Once you pinpoint what type of solution your hair needs, you can make a custom combination from the comfort of your home.

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