The Best Amenities Student Housing Should Offer


The Best Amenities Student Housing Should Offer

Students have many responsibilities, and they deserve comfortable housing. Read about the best amenities student housing should offer for cool information.

Students want more than a basic bedroom and bathroom in their living quarters. Housing officials can improve the living experience by adding a few amenities. Keep reading to learn about the best amenities student housing should offer.

Updated Community Room

Besides the students’ private rooms, community spaces offer people the opportunity to mingle with each other and have fun. Updated community rooms with TVs, lounge chairs, vending machines, and board games can improve students’ experiences. Additionally, resident advisors can host events in the spaces to encourage communication. 

24-Hour Study Room

A 24-hour study room is another amenity student housing should offer. Students need a quiet space to focus on work, and sometimes the campus library is not the ideal place to focus. Study rooms with desks, comfortable chairs, and reservable tables can help students complete tasks. The spaces can implement a minimal talking policy that encourages people to work quietly. 

Long-Term Bike Parking

Biking is a common means of transportation for college students. And schools can help students protect their property by providing bike parking. One guideline for providing long-term bike parking is to have the bike shelter on-site. The shelter must be inside the housing complex. Housing officials can designate a bike room with proper security measures. Additionally, officials can appoint access to students with bikes inside the room. 

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is crucial for any student, especially with assignments and class work in digital formats. Fast and reliable internet is vital for student housing because people can complete work inside their rooms or study spaces. Housing officials can ensure a good internet connection by placing Wi-Fi routers in individual rooms and running internet speed tests periodically to maintain it. 

Digital Payment Laundry Room

Gone are the days of saving quarters to fill the washing and drying machines in laundry rooms. Student housing should offer digital payment for machines. Whether students load money onto their ID cards or use an app to pay for machines, digital payment is ideal for many people. Smart washers and dryers are compatible with apps, and schools can modernize laundry rooms to meet student needs.

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