How To Treat Your American Flag With Respect


How To Treat Your American Flag With

Are you looking to emphasize your patriotism? You should start by learning how to
respect your flag properly. Read on here to find out how.

If you’re looking to show your patriotism, you can benefit by learning more about how
to treat the flag. The flag is an icon of America, so why not learn more about how to
treat the symbol well? Check out our list on how to treat your American flag with

Learn About Flag Codes
Learning more about flag codes for your government is essential to treating your flag
with respect. There are certain behaviors you should not engage in with a flag, such
as hanging it with the blue field on the right. Flags are affected by weather, elevation,
and other factors. The codes will guide you on the proper times and circumstances
to hang your flag.

Learn About Its History
Have you ever thought about the history of the American flag? If you enjoy the icon,
why not learn more about it? Read up on its origins (is the Betsy Ross story an urban
legend?) or watch a documentary on it. It’s a wonderful way to become more
informed about the flag itself and the history of our country. You’ll be able to share
with family and friends what you’ve learned. 

Avoid Certain Behaviors
There are a host of methods to ensure that you care for your flag. Make sure your
flag is always elevated when it’s on display. Don’t let it touch the ground, fly in the
rain, or fly in darkness without a light illuminating it. All these and more will be
covered in your American Flag Code, but it bears mentioning here. While federal
laws are not enforced in this instance, it’s a matter of respect. No one will arrest you
over this, but if you care about what it represents, you’ll follow these essential
guidelines regarding how to treat your American flag with respect.

Clean It
If you have a flag, you should wash and dry it regularly and keep it clean of dust.
Bring the flag inside during inclement weather. Keeping your flag clean is a sign of
deep respect because it shows it’s in use. In addition, if you find that your flag is
starting to fray or rip, it is time to get a replacement. You should not fly a flag that is
in disrepair. In short, there are many ways to respect the American flag. It’s just a matter of
following the guidelines and implementing proper behavior. Happy flag flying!

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