Le BAHO brings his flattering soul and R&B fusion in sumptuous sophomore ‘Next To Me’ - @LeBahoMusic


Le BAHO brings his flattering soul and R&B fusion in sumptuous sophomore ‘Next To Me’

Le BAHO is the work of Bastien Horisberger. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, he was always fascinated by the musical environments that surrounded him growing up. Through this medium, he started to hone his craft on many instruments, he is now an artist, songwriter and producer with the unique and pleasurable multi-faceted approach of overseeing every aspect of the recording process. 

Giving himself full creative control, Le BAHO has been portraying a narrative to explore and unleash his notion of experiences with sound and poetry. After many years of perfecting his practice, he arrived with his debut single ‘Window’ in 2021, which caught the attention of many on Spotify.

Giving listeners the perfect introduction to his sound, his Instagram following and engagement has grown and been seen by many, performing neo-soul jams in his homeland with other musicians, further highlighting his talents. With the neo-soul and R&B genre now becoming arguably more popular than it ever has been, especially in the modern world, Le BAHO now has picked the perfect time to break through the mould.

Inspired by neo-soul and jazz pioneers such as Jordan Rakei, Daniel Caesar and FKJ, Le BAHO now arrives with his sumptuous sophomore release ‘Next To Me’. Crisp and clean from the first second, BAHO has a clean and delicate vocal that is highly reminiscent of Rakei, and he gives a fresh take on the ever expanding genres aforementioned. 

‘Next To Me’ is beautifully produced and finely tuned, and also takes homage from other artists such as Tom Misch and Connor Albert, particularly with the dreamy guitar solo that breaks up the song so eloquently towards the end of the track. There’s plenty of soul and pop sensibilities in this one, and lovers of all these references will take a deep dive into Le BAHO’s sonics.

There is really so much to love about Le BAHO, and his unique approach to the lyricism and narrative makes him another artist that will stand out and demand your attention. A love song that will also appeal to the masses, there are also remnants of Shawn Mendes in his powerful yet understated vocal delivery.

BAHO seems to be the perfect hybrid and possesses all the tools to become one of the very best in his all encompassing field. If ‘Next To Me’ is just the second instalment of this project from Bastien Horisberger, then we are all in for a real treat.

Le BAHO says on the release, “Clock is ticking way too fast and alarm clock will ring, you wish you could stop the time to keep your partner in bed a little longer. I wrote this song for those who hate to see their lover walk out the door in the morning."

To write a song, I tend to take my time and spend months on it. But For "Next To Me", Everything came together very naturally and surprisingly fast, from the first idea to the final product.”

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