What You Need To Know Before Becoming a Firefighter


What You Need To Know Before Becoming a Firefighter

As a firefighter candidate, you’ll go through training and testing to prove your qualifications.

Becoming a firefighter is an extremely honorable job. It takes courage and bravery to do the things they do. It also requires advanced skills and sharp focus. They need to be able to analyze a situation and identify any potential dangers before springing into action. Here’s what you need to know before you take the leap and decide to become a firefighter.

EMT Certification 
As a firefighter, you’ll do more than run into a burning building or save a cat from a tree. You’ll need to become a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) before you even start the application process. It’s no coincidence that you see a fire truck and an ambulance headed in the same direction most of the time. Departments are looking for licensed paramedics, so you need to pass this training before applying for paramedic school. There will be some emergency situations where you’ll need to perform a medical procedure on a civilian, and having this training can best prepare you. 

Understand the Hiring Process
The hiring process is extensive. Aside from requiring paramedic training, the department will require you to prove your physical and mental strength. Both are equally important. Yes, being a firefighter is a physically demanding job, but it also requires you to think quickly and  solve complex problems. 
Employers will also test to see how well you interact with civilians and other team members. It’s all about working well together. To get a better picture of their lives consider visiting your local firehouse, talking with the firefighters there, and volunteering to get hands-on experience.

Review All the Assessments 
As previously stated, there will be firefighter assessments and testing you’ll have to go pass. Research the different types of tests you might receive so you can get better acquainted with the process. Practice makes perfect. Study up on the information you need and take a few practice courses. 
By the time it comes for you to take your official examinations, you can approach the assessments with great confidence. When you visit the fire station, ask the current fighters there for any advice on the exams and assessments. 

Keep a Clear Record 
Becoming a firefighter has some similarities to becoming a cop. For instance, you’ll need to keep a clean record. Applying for a position in a fire department with priors will not bode well. Past issues with behavior or anger will make the process difficult for you. Make sure you clear up any traffic tickets that may be outstanding. If there are things from the past you can’t change, focus on leading a better future. Showcase that you can make a change and you’re worthy of a position in their station. 
If you want to become a fighter, being informed of the requirements is the smartest first step you can take. Keep all these things you need to know in mind during the process. 

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