Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes

Wood-Burning Stove with Three Operating Modes

Timeless and revolutionary, the StΓ»v 30-compact is positioned in the industry as a slow-burning wood stove that can be enjoyed in several ways. Its versatility creates the perfect balance between output, performance and pleasure.

The StΓ»v 30-compact and StΓ»v 30-compact H have three doors for three modes of use. This concept, which has an international patent, has revolutionized the wood-burning stove and fireplace industry.

The design allows users to choose the ambiance they want. A crackling open fire will create a more inviting, seductive atmosphere, while closing the glass-paned door will magnify the flames and warm the room. Closing the full door is ideal during the night, to wrap the house in a soft, comforting heat.

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