4 Car Modifications To Help Your Gas Mileage


4 Car Modifications To Help Your Gas Mileage

Everyone would like to pay a little less at the gas pumps. You may want to consider some of these vehicle modifications to help improve your gas mileage.

No one really likes spending time and money at the gas pumps, but what else can you do when your car’s fuel efficiency is where it is? Thankfully, there are four vehicle modifications to help your gas mileage. These can help you spend a little more time on the road and less at the gas station.

Cold Air Intake System
A high-flow cold air intake system is a handy aftermarket system for increasing your car's fuel efficiency. The quality of air that goes into your engine plays a pivotal role in your gas mileage. A cold air intake system utilizes colder air, which is denser and contains more oxygen. The oxygen-rich air creates more power in your engine, giving you better mileage.

Air-Fuel Gauge
A significant part of improving your car’s fuel economy is keeping track of how your engine is running. Air-fuel gauges allow you to monitor your car’s intake ratio and see if you need to increase or decrease the mixture of fuel and air in your engine. Air-fuel ratio gauges come in narrow and wideband options, with most enthusiasts choosing wideband ones for their more detailed readings.

Cat-Back Exhaust System
What comes out of your engine is as vital as what goes into it, and one car modification to help your gas mileage is a cat-back exhaust system. These systems use larger pipes and your muffler to create a more efficient exhaust that benefits the number of miles you get per gallon.

Air Filter
Sometimes, the minor adjustments provide some of the biggest results, and it's always a good idea to swap out your engine's air filter. Since we know the quality of air going into your engine affects the power and performance, we recommend finding an air filter that provides more benefits than your factory set options. The more irritants you keep out of your combustion chamber, the cleaner it runs and the higher the gas mileage you get out of it.

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