/ Have Fun While Your Learning / Have Fun While Your Learning is a site that lets you learn and have fun at the same time while you are learning or just trying to pass some time. Its a really excellent option for minors and grown-ups at home or on the go, which adds some joy and entertainment to their lives 

I came across this site while looking for some online calculators to use other than my cellular phone or laptop. has a vast collection of some fun and cool math games to choose from that are very user friendly, the first one I tried out was SinalGame


SinalGame is a game where students must select the correct mathematical operator to complete an equation to reach a given result.

For the answer its multiple choice so you have to choose either ( Add, Subtract, Multiple, or Division)

At times math can be very boring but with the endless supply of games along with entertainment, it's tough to get bored on, the second game I tried was Feed Math

Feed Math -  feed a boy sushi by adding 2 numbered dishes. This game is cute, fun and easy. Time is replenished after each round, though after a dozen or so round the numbers start to get larger, making problems progressively harder.

Math Plus Puzzle - Click on two or more blocks to add up to the number shown on the screen. Three different game modes to choose from: classic, accuracy & break. This game is good for kids who are beginning to learn addition.

These are some other games that really hit home and took me back in time that can be found here 

They offer over 100 online games to help familiarize children with math, and is very user-friendly.

None of these games contain any advertisements or extraneous branding. All games are published using mobile and desktop-friendly HTML5 web design. Links to each game open in a new tab focused exclusively on the associated game instead of having the games framed inside other web pages.

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