The New Emic Lo-fi / Hip Hop Compilation


The New Emic Lo-fi / Hip Hop Compilation

003/22 is the new compilation of Lo-fi / Hip Hop beats to be released on 18 November 2022 by Emic Lo-fi/Hip Hop, a sub-label of Bologna-based Emic Entertainment.

This year’s third compilation brings together 14 producers whose beats describe unique imagery and soundscapes. An invitation to get lost in the music and be carried away by mellow grooves and dreamy melodies. 

The journey begins with the cover artwork by Matteo Guadagnini aka Mao, which projects us into a room where the character, completely absorbed by the music and his thoughts, lets his imagination run wild. 

Track after track, 003/22 gives the listener the most different sensations, accompanying him on a journey where varied moods and emotions alternate: a gentle flow of refined sounds and delicate rhythms in full Lo-fi / Hip Hop style. 

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