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Andrew Tate Explains Why He Was Arrested

This what actually happened. 
He is meant to only be held for 24h over new evidence,  from the allegations that happened last time.(it was originally dismissed for lack of evidence) They gathered new evidence a while ago and wanted a statement/info and they waited for him to be back in the country. They suspect  him of conspiracy of a criminal organisation that solicits sex work on OF and other websites, including trafficking.also saying possible rape from last arrest/raid.(but the case was already dismissed and the people at the party at the house were all fine and remained)

He left Romanian on a private jet and different passport. He hasn’t been back in Romanian since he moved to Dubai.The pizza boxes in the vid is a popular pizza chain in Bucuresti and they realised he was back in the country so got warrant and raided 2  houses late at night with body cam footage that can be found online and took them to the station. Even so he should be released by tomorrow, even if the evidence is enough to go to court for a trial  he will most likely get bail, but seems very much like a push of publicity and bullshit things brought up.
Update-Romanian authority’s apperently found a few million cash during the home raid and are planning on investigating money laundering charges. So the thing is practically then trying to find a reason to arrest him and keep him in prison…

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