Are Aftermarket Car Parts As Good as OEM Parts?


Are Aftermarket Car Parts As Good as OEM Parts?

If you’re planning to make a few modifications to your car, learn more about aftermarket auto parts and how to compare them to original manufacturers’ parts.

Are you looking to change how your car looks and performs? As you search for the perfect parts to modify your car, you’ll be faced with a choice between original engine manufacturer (OEM) components and their aftermarket counterparts. Is aftermarket as good as OEM when it comes to auto parts? Let’s take a closer look. 

What Is an OEM Part? 
A car part made by your car’s original engine manufacturer is guaranteed to fit; it’s an exact replica of the one that’s already installed in your car. When you pay for an OEM auto part, you’re paying for that guaranteed quality—and the brand name.

What Is an Aftermarket Part?
An aftermarket auto part is simply a replacement part that was not made by the original manufacturer of your car. These parts are generally designed to be compatible with a wide variety of makes and models. Aftermarket car parts are thoroughly tested for quality and reliability, just like OEM parts.

What’s the Difference?
The main difference between OEM and aftermarket parts is where they were made. An OEM part is made by your car’s original manufacturer and is designed to be a perfect fit.

While aftermarket parts are still of high quality, they are also designed to fit in a variety of cars. Because they don’t have the brand name attached to them, they are often lower in price, which leads some car owners to believe that the parts are of lesser quality. That’s actually a common myth about aftermarket parts; the lower price does not indicate anything about the part’s quality or reliability.

Which Option Is Best?
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Think about why you’re installing replacement parts on your car. An OEM part might be the best fit if:
  • You want the quality guarantee that comes with an OEM part.
  • You’re replacing body panels after a collision.
  • You’re looking for a warranty on that specific part.
  • Meanwhile, an aftermarket part may be the right choice for you if:
  • You’re sticking to a budget.
  • You want a wide variety of choices.
  • You’re on a time crunch and need to choose and install the part quickly.

So, are aftermarket auto parts as good as OEM parts? Generally speaking, yes! Aftermarket parts are not counterfeit or knockoff parts; they’re just not manufactured by the company that made your car. Depending on your unique situation, an aftermarket part can give you equal or better performance than an OEM part.

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