Jenny Palacios Releases New Single "Clean Break"


Jenny Palacios Releases New Single "Clean Break"

Toronto based singer/songwriter and producer Jenny Palacios blends emo, alternative and pop influences to nestle into a pocket of music running on melancholia and nostalgic emotion. Together with Phoenix Arn-Horn of Courage My Love and current grunge project, Softcult, Palacios has been writing and co-producing a string of dark indie pop singles that explore the sonic line between modern synth pop and a reminiscent alternative sound.

"Clean Break" is the sequel to a song that Palacios released earlier in 2021, "Convenient." Where that song listed the reasons to leave a relationship she didn't belong in, "Clean Break" came out of the uncharted territories of the aftermath of leaving – she wondered, "Is it too soon to catch up? What memories can I revisit and come out unaffected? And ultimately, if I'm still asking these questions, am I just plain not over it?"

Instead of trying to salvage what's left and hold out for hope, sometimes it's best to stop kidding yourself and just make a "Clean Break."

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