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Stalley, Somebody Up There Loves Me - New Album Out Now!

The critically acclaimed Ohio rapper Stalley releases his sixth full-length album via his partnership with Mello Music Group on all streaming platforms. Somebody Up There Loves Me does everything but spark the blunt, the latest from the blue-collar beacon is a soulful cruise of hard-earned wisdom and street gospel.



Over the “Dilla Bap” orchestration that channels the late great Motown producer, Stalley drops lightning bolts of wisdom and dazzling rhyme schemes that concisely summarize the perils of the rap game:

“Hard times when you trying to be a rhymer/being a rapper puts you in the line of fire/Everything evil is what you most desire/being tough is what they must honor, until you’re fighting for your life in front of your honor/Then all that street shit and beef shit turn into karma/All from trying to add on additional commas/I wish we listened to momma’s who tried to calm us.”

Somebody Up There Loves Me is a spiritual journey but never self-righteous. The result of blood, sweat, tears, and introspection that have allowed for Stalley to become a fully realized artist. This project is an opus that crackles with love, warmth, and unremitting humanity. Over these past years, he’s been working on himself, and now, the droptop is open, the windows are rolled down, and the golden light is shining through. 

In collaboration with music producers B.A.M, KFisha, Namir Blade, MadKeys, and Black Diamond, also featuring multidimensional songstress Ania Hoo, Somebody Up There Loves Me is Stalley’s moment.  Combining his most distinct and dynamic bars with anthemic choruses, it kicks off his biggest, boldest, and brightest era yet.



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