A Project in the Heart of Massy Vilgénis Forest / Massy, France

A Project in the Heart of Massy Vilgénis Forest / Massy, France

PietriArchitectes is delivering a project for the city of Massy located in the department of Essonne (91). As part of an urban complex designed by Leclercq Associés, this project, called The Sequoias, has the particularity of establishing itself in an environment rich in biodiversity. For that reason, the architectural drawing was oriented towards the conservation and the preservation of the natural environment. Although both buildings are quite different from one another, they are also very similar in terms of colors, as well as through the way they tend to fit into the environment, which is a highly valued consideration by PietriArchitectes in their projects.

Photo credit: Hugo Hébrard
A district full of history and nature

The project is situated in the district of Vilgénis, located in the Northwest part of the city. The site includes a natural park of more than 20 hectares, as well as a castle and other classified monuments. The sector was previously an Air France property, but for the past 10 years it has been converted into a new residential area and an accessible public space in the forest. The entire site is accessible to the inhabitants in order to promote a spirit of “living together” while honoring and respecting biodiversity and the site's natural heritage.

An urban program focused on the environment and its preservation

The redevelopment project was carried out by Leclercq Associés, recognized for their transversal approach between urban planning, architecture, and landscape. Located in front of the park, the urban program takes part in the landscape by preserving the visual perspectives and maintaining the biodiversity of the site. The residential homes were designed by architects with various backgrounds, including KOZ Architectes, Itar Architectes, and Ameller Dubois, who successfully fulfilled the environmental requirements. The role of PietriArchitectes takes hold within the global strategy, and with the design of two buildings fitted to the context. 

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