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Mortgagecalculator.org/money-games is a website where you can learn while having fun, whether you're trying to learn something new or just pass the time. It's a great option for kids and adults alike, whether they're at home or on the go, and it brings some joy and entertainment to their lives.

I was looking for online mortgage calculator that I could use on any device like my laptop or mobile phone when I came across this website. Mortgagecalculator.org/money-games has a huge selection of cool and entertaining math games that are easy to use, the first game I tried out was....

In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect players help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city.

Build the buildings needed to create a thriving metropolis.
Dig for hidden minipieces which can be used to build unique building types available in each zone.
Collect taxes from each building to fund further development & more digs.
Each building requires you to have enough LEGO stud savings to buy it along with the needed minipieces.

Unlock each of the six zones of the city by filling each zone with 25 buildings.
Each zone has its own unique LEGO pieces and building types with their own earning schedules.
Ensure each zone has at least one police office and fire department so you can protect the citizens.
Put out fires and stop burglaries to earn extra rewards.

To make my city safe the first thing they suggest is to build a Police Station to keep your city safe from criminals.

Also built a Fire Station along with the Police Station then had to get some bricks to build more buildings for my city.

I opened a Donut Shop right beside the Police Station for a steady income πŸ˜‚..... With the income you make from shops, you can invest that money back into Bricks which you will need to build and expand, pretty cool and straight forward.

You have to select the square to unveil the lego bricks needed to build your city to create income.

I definitely recommend this game to anyone it's really fun especially for kids.



Idle Farming Business is a farmer game where you plant and harvest different crops.

Harvest potatoes in the first plot.
Use your profits from potatoes to plant and harvest 8 other kinds of vegetables: carrots, wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, turnips, onions, and corn.
Scroll over each plot periodically to collect its earnings so you can keep reinvesting in improving your farm.
For each type of vegetable buy upgrades to lower your production time, stack earnings, and increase profits.
Dig each area to improve the soil so you can plant more vegetables, which increases your yield. When you plant 25, 50, or 100 in a plot the production time cuts in half.
Select the rain cloud to double your harvest rate & select the sun to have it shine for quicker production.

Now I have to upgrade my land / soil to raise better crop for income/profit during harvesting...


Idle Mining Empire is an idle clicker game where players build mining shafts and create a mining business.

Build your first mining shaft.
Select the miner to activate mining, then select the mineshaft operator to bring the mineshaft operator down, then select the ground worker to collect the minerals for processing and warehouse storage.
Upgrade your mine, mineshaft, and warehouse to improve your processing and throughput capacity.
Whenever any shaft is upgraded to stage 25 you get a second worker which doubles your production.
You gain more workers as you increase to higher levels like 50 and 100.
Hire managers to oversee workers and automate your production.
Purchase additional shafts to reach more valuable minerals.
Upgrade managers and have them lean into workers to increase the worker speed.
Keep reinvesting your earnings to upgrade your earning potential and expand your operation.

So you have to mine and pass the mined gravel to your worker up and out the mine shaft, then continueyour task.

Then you have to upgrade your mineshaft to produce more coal for production.

I didn't think searching for a mortgage calculator, I would come across all these cool games and this is just a few of many more you can play now during your free time and learn something.

Mortgage Calculator offer dozens of fun, free and ad-free online video games for kids across the following categories:

  • Money Games: counting money and making change. We also have a couple games featured new fangled concepts of money including Bitcoin and the modern day tulips - NFTs.
  • Real Estate Games: buy and sell properties, make a thriving LEGO city, and clean up a mess or germs. You can also build stable structures, or use dynamite to blow up structures.
  • Food Business Simulation Games: run a coffee shop, grocery store, farm, or another restaurant.
  • Business Simulation Games: build a mining business, run a jewelry shop, become a florist, or become a corporate overlord.
  • Software Development Games: STEM games teaching children about coding logic along with how software is made and tested, along with an idle clicker game focused on building successful startup businesses
  • Office Politics Games: whimsical ragdoll clicker game can be used to explain internal competition, conflict resolution & team building, and an endless runner
  • Other Fun Games: games we like but which did not neatly fit in any of the above categories - recycling, green energy, and a couple food related games

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