Unique Feature to Showcase Assisted-Mobility Vehicles at 2023 AutoShow


Unique Feature to Showcase Assisted-Mobility Vehicles at 2023 AutoShow

The 50th anniversary of the Canadian International AutoShow is exploring “Mobility Reimagined” and a new feature to the event is doing just that with a showcase of assisted-mobility vehicles. 

Presented by Universal Motion — a leading provider of accessible transportation solutions for people with mobility challenges — and the Spinal Cord Foundation, the exhibit will include six vehicles that have been modified to ensure car and truck transportation is available to people living with disabilities. 

“We take pride in the design, manufacture and supply of mobility products for those of us who are physically challenged, as well as their families,” says Marco Ferrara, President of Universal Motion. “The AutoShow is a premier platform for us to raise more awareness about making our world more accessible for everyone, and showcasing how regular cars and trucks can be made to accommodate people with specific needs.” 

Among the assisted-mobility vehicles to be on display will be:

2023 Toyota Sienna Hybrid XLE W.


2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited.

2022 Ram 1500.

2023 Chrysler Grand Caravan. 

20XX Chevrolet Traverse

Universal Motion is one of the few companies that has a Transport Canada-approved National Safety Mark. Providing wheelchair-accessible transportation solutions to the private market and small vehicle commercial transportation market, Universal Motion develops highly customized solutions to people’s transportation and driving needs.

“This is a new and unique feature at the AutoShow to showcase a number of assisted-mobility vehicles in one place,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow. “My own parents have recently had to purchase a new Toyota Sienna side-entry mobility unit, and the freedom it has granted them has brought home just how much value these specialty vehicles can deliver for people with physical challenges – a service of ever-greater importance in our aging demographic group.”

The assisted mobility feature will be found on the main show floor of the 800 level in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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