APPLE TV+ Acquires "SONS 2 THE GRAVE" Feature Film


APPLE TV+ Acquires "SONS 2 THE GRAVE" Feature Film

 “Sons 2 The Grave” the feature film by Canadian production company, Have Faith Productions, in association with FilmRise and Incendo, is now out in North America on Apple TV+.  The film, also out in US/Canada on Amazon Prime, Roku and Tubi U has garnered impressive ratings.  The acquisition by Apple TV+ allows viewers easy access to the popular film.  HFP co-founder & executive producer, Sasha Stoltz made the announcement, saying “It has been a long road and we are blessed and humbled with the success of ‘Sons.  

“Sons 2 The Grave” tells the story of basketball phenom, Marcus Jennings.  With one foot in Hudson and one in the NBA, Marcus is taken out.   After midnight on a footbridge that separates the million-dollar homes of the rich, famous and the politically connected from subsidized housing, Marcus Jennings is shot twice in the head.   A message sent to the community.   A code of silence remains in place, fostering a common element that binds this community, fear and the currency of payback will always be bloodshed.  We are our brother’s keeper is just a slogan in Hudson.   

Ruth Jennings moved to Hudson for her son, his school regularly visited by scouts.  A strong, hardworking single mother, she thought she could protect her child against all odds & choices, but Marcus found it hard to fight off his new surroundings and mislaid loyalties.   Marcus thought he was in control.  A boy living in a man’s body, living up to his and others exaggerated egos.  He attracted the attention of scouts, agents, and Division 1 NCAA schools in the US, a pitstop before the NBA.  Marcus also attracted the attention of RD.  RD controlled Hudson & worked for those who controlled him.  In the end it was what they all had in common that ended Marcus’s life…fear.  Fear of staying, fear of leaving and fear of appearing weak.  Murder is a sin.  There is no justification… but there is understanding. 

“We’re born sons and we die sons. Somewhere in between is the story.”  Ruth Jennings believes God sees all.  There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.   But for now, there is Hudson.  “Sons 2 The Grave” tells that story. 

Have Faith Productions is currently preparing for a television series, “"Hudson” inspired by the film, with music from Hip hop/ R&B & Soul royalty.   The episodes will echo a line from the movie, “This Ain’t No Fairy Tale… This Is Hudson.”  The episodes will take you into the heart of the city from upscale streets to back alleys, social status not always pre-determining who turns up where.  HUDSON captures the politics and the temperament of the city in raw and truthful episodes.  As producers and writers, we need to tell the stories that hold us accountable to the reality of the truth, not just what feels comfortable.  The police drama takes you inside the 34th precinct, it’s heartbeat sometimes on life support.  The officers and detectives, like the rest of us, are flawed. Most conceal their personal fears and demons, visiting them on their own terms, not letting them take over.  But there is a point when some officers break, or yes, come broken to the job.  Their safety net, stretched as it is, an eager young pastor assigned to the precinct, who’s faith is fully intact, a seasoned but weary shrink whose faith has long been scarred & a Captain who makes the hard decisions whatever side of the blue line they fall on.

“HUDSON” deals with relationships that run as high up the ladder as City Hall.  Mayor Ron Langston came from the wrong side of the bridge to take office, a move some say is merely geography.  His loyalty to popular club owner/ entrepreneur and childhood friend, Quincy “Q” Harris, a man comfortable on both sides of the bridge, is a source of constant concern for his supporters. HFP looks forward to the next leg of the journey.   

 “I am excited and honored that Apple TV+ has acquired “Sons 2 The Grave.”   Bringing light to a project is not an easy journey.  We had an amazing cast & crew, and I am forever grateful.  I lean on my Faith as always and look forward to our future projects.”

Lynne Stoltz 

Author, screenwriter, producer

Co-founder, Have Faith Productions 

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