Born from sport worn for style, today adidas reveals an all-new label – adidas Sportswear. Complementing the brand’s Performance and Originals labels, the new line aims to level up the wearer’s everyday look via a range of fresh fits that use the latest performance technology to bring the same comfort and confidence to the everyday, as its performance collections have been for athletes, for decades.

Global superstar, Jenna Ortega, makes her adidas debut fronting the all-new label and its Spring Summer 23 collection. Cementing herself as a next generation icon; often seen moving through the heart of culture with style, passion and purpose, unapologetically expressing all that she is and all that she stands for.

Actress, advocate, producer, style icon, plus so much more, Jenna is a true reflection and champion of individualism and versatility – aligning perfectly with what adidas Sportswear has been designed to embody and aptly symbolizing how the next generation is showing up in the world.

Speaking about her experiences and involvement, Jenna Ortega shared: “The way I express myself, whether this is vocally or aesthetically, is something I personally put a lot of energy into as I know how much power it can have in inspiring others. Embracing all that I am and all that I stand for continues to be a journey and through new experiences, I am learning and discovering more sides to myself. I am huge advocate of expressing all your different pursuits, passions, and traits, whether that is through what you do, what you wear or what you champion – which is why I was so excited to work with adidas on this new label.”

Sporty in essence, the adidas Sportswear collection offers specific performance technologies through simple cutlines, colorways and stripped back design details, with comfort running through its every fiber. Curated to serve the next generation during multiple moments, as they tackle the sport of life, each iconic piece can be remixed to create a unique look or remain a subtle yet striking fit if worn as is.

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