New Single COCAINE 😈 Out NOW

New Single COCAINE 😈 Out NOW

This song was born from leaning into the chaos, when it comes to obsessive behaviour.

“Cocaine” is a total heart rush of addictive beats, run-on sentences, and cyclical thoughts. It’s absolutely relentless and provides no relief.

I’m painting love-obsession as if it were a drug, and it’s my drug of choice. “Cocaine” is meant to capture that new, all consuming, check-your-phone-every-three-seconds kind of love, toxic and manic as it may be; full of butterflies and nausea.

Obsession has been a topic I’ve been stuck on since the pandemic started. Too much time to think coupled with a racing mind has been a recipe for disaster, so I started writing some of my thoughts down and trying to capture what that might sound like.

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