Today, Memphis rap sensation NLE Choppa drops “Champions,” a triumphant new single laced with motivating bars and the inspirational spirit of a born winner. 

On the track, Choppa takes an inward look at his own goals and why he has to reach them, pushing all underdogs to do the same. With the recent turmoil in Memphis, Choppa intends to show how resilient his hometown is.

Bouncing across victorious horns and militaristic percussion, Choppa makes an emphatic declaration of purpose: “I hate to struggle but it make me harder/I made it far but I wanna go farther/This not for me/This for my son and my daughter/My family tree in that order.” Energetic, yet reflective, meaningful, but compelling enough to supercharge a stadium, “Champions” is fuel for survivors — an anthem for believers. 

"This is one of my favorite songs that I've recorded,” Choppa says of the uplifting track. “I just feel like it just shows empowerment, determination and motivation.” The rapper goes on to explain how he hopes “Champions” can inspire people who are struggling to find purpose. “I feel like this song can speak volumes to us [with motivation], but really resonate with those who don’t know what life has for them."

“Champions” is a reminder of exactly the sorts of sprightly raps and pulsating passion that’s made NLE Choppa one of the most indelible young voices in Memphis. It was preceded by “23,” a track that also calls for resolve and personal transformation. Released in January, the Tay Keith-produced single was in itself a New Year’s resolution for Choppa, who’s poised to level up like never before. His 2022 album, Me vs. Me, was a stepping stone to this moment. 

Combining nuanced reflections like “The Gender Song” with the electricity of tracks like “Jumpin” and “Shotta Flow 6,” Me vs. Me was a project that saw the hitmaker take his artistry to a new plateau. Now, with songs like “Champions” and “23” at his back, NLE Choppa is set to soar even higher. 


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