Tips for Improving Your Physical Health as a Trucker


Tips for Improving Your Physical Health as a Trucker

Being a truck driver has unique challenges when it comes to staying healthy. Learn strategies you can use to take care of yourself on the road.

People often think that truck driving is an easy job because it involves sitting all day, but it’s actually quite challenging. Truckers are responsible for navigating roads in poor conditions and for planning the quickest routes through busy highway networks. If you’re a trucker, you know how these challenges can put a lot of stress on your body, negatively impacting your physical health. To help you feel better, check out these tips for improving your physical health as a trucker.

Eat a Better Diet

It’s no secret that many truckers rely on fast food for nourishment while on the road. Unfortunately, fast food is usually high in salt, sugar, and fat while being deficient in important nutrients. As much as possible, truckers should stick to healthier meals prepared at home or from the store, like sandwiches, soups, and salads. Some tricks for eating a better diet on the road include the following:

  1. Buying fresh bread and sandwich ingredients from grocery stores
  2. Making meals at home to bring on the road
  3.  Bringing along an Instant Pot or other electric meal cooker
  4.  Snacking on raw fruits, veggies, and nuts

Get Some Exercise

Doctors have been telling people for decades that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a higher risk of health conditions, such as weight gain, poor blood circulation, and high blood pressure. However, that advice is hard to follow for people who drive all day for a living. Thankfully, getting some daily exercise can help offset the increased risks. Some of the best exercises for truckers include pushups, jumping jacks, and yoga. These simple, effective exercises are easy to do on breaks or after a long day of driving.

Drink More Water

Many truck drivers depend on coffee to give them the energy they need to drive all day. Unfortunately, coffee can dehydrate your body if you’re drinking several cups a day, every day. Being dehydrated puts stress on your body’s other systems, and it can give you headaches. So put a water bottle next to your coffee cup to encourage sufficient water intake on extended drives.

Get Enough Sleep

Too many truck drivers don’t get enough sleep, which can lead to irritation, stress, and poor decision-making on the road. To make sure you’re getting enough sleep, always use your breaks to rest and use blackout curtains if you have to sleep during the day. We hope you enjoyed these tips for improving your physical health as a trucker. Staying healthy on the road isn’t without challenges, but it can be done!

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