What Are the Most Common Reasons for Distracted Driving?

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Distracted Driving?

Did you know that texting isn’t the only thing that can distract drivers on the road? Let’s review the most common reasons for distracted driving.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents. But what are the most common reasons for it? Read on to learn about these reasons and how you can avoid them to drive safely.

Talking to Passengers

Passengers fill the silence of car rides and provide you with people to talk to as you reach your destination. However, it isn’t uncommon to get distracted by one another and end up in a car accident because of it. So while socializing can make your drive more entertaining, always pay attention to the road first.

Not Practicing Levelheaded & Patient Behavior

Sometimes, a driver unexpectedly swings into your lane or you come upon a long stretch of construction during your drive. This can result in feeling frustrated or downright angry, and your mood can then distract you. By practicing road rage management, you can prevent unnecessary negative feelings and practice safe driving.

Adjusting Climate or Audio Control

Whether jamming to your favorite tunes or blasting the air conditioning, it’s necessary to keep yourself comfortable while you drive. Unfortunately, it’s a common distraction

while driving that can lead to taking your eyes off the road. Therefore, wait to adjust your music or temperature when you reach a complete stop or before you start driving.

Texting & Talking on the Phone

Drivers often receive phone calls or texts while on the road. These communications could come from your boss, family, or friends who need your attention, but they can lead to distracted driving. So before you begin your drive, set your phone to silent or put it in Do Not Disturb mode. Also, consider setting up an automated message letting friends and family know you can’t answer your phone because you’re driving.

Handling Pets or Children

Whether you have furry friends joining you on your drive or have children as your passengers, they’ll need your attention from time to time. However, twisting around to the back seat to attend to your family can result in distracted driving. As you prepare to leave, remind your children that distracting you can be dangerous and to only ask for your attention in an emergency. As for pets, consider buying a car crate to keep them safe and contained during road travel.

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