ATLAS Pasadena, United States


ATLAS Pasadena, United States

ATLAS is a revolutionary fresh grocery delivery system for city dwellers that incorporates a fully electric delivery vehicle, a quick set-up warehouse, and a specialized UI interface. We must transport and sell affordable, high-quality grows from suburban areas to the city and help suburban citizens get high-paid jobs. It's a sustainable way for both city and suburban people to benefit each other, and a bridge for communication.

The advanced delivery vehicle is a fully electrified scooter equipped with a refrigerated unit, an innovative interface, and 12 storage pods.

The system contains an electric delivery scooter, a driver-centered UI system, and a modular warehouse.

Photo credit: Drake (Shuaicheng) Dong

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Delivery scooter

1. Each ATLAS® fresh pod is designed to be fully refrigerated at around 4°C and secured in the central refrigerator unit.

2. The innovative suspension system keeps the high horsepower vehicle balanced and the cargo safe, even on a tight turn.

3. A high-voltage hot-swappable auxiliary battery was created to shorten the recharge time and keep the vehicle on the road.

4. The use of a direct drive in-wheel electric motor allows more cargo area and better efficiency.

Modular warehouse

The whole design is about finding a fast and efficient way of constructing a low-cost warehouse in a suburban area. Building thousands of ATLAS warehouse® operations under a tight deadline is not impossible.

This system allows for sending groceries more efficiently, without delay or quality issues, by personalizing and minimizing the distribution processes.

With the help of this fridge & delivery system, user costs are largely reduced by eliminating processors, public refrigerated warehouses, food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. It is also a more convenient way for urban families to buy fresh groceries. Most importantly, the transparency of the whole process enables users to know where and when their food was produced.

Once this system of fresh groceries is established, it will unify the platform-to-consumer delivery market and provide better choices for customers with the help of refined hardware, warehousing, and UI design. In addition, the system will unite the distributor, supplier, and customer on the same side of the equation and will benefit each other. Based on data, the platform-to-consumer delivery sub-segment will top revenues of USD$247.9 billion by 2025.

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