Move Over, Instant Ramen: Ontario-Based Company Launches New Way to Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Ramen at Home

Move Over, Instant Ramen: Ontario-Based Company Launches New Way to Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Ramen at Home

Crafty Ramen, creator of a first-of-its-kind subscription service delivering unique ramen meal experiences, is now bringing restaurant-quality ramen to freezer aisles across Canada with their newest Heat & Eat Ramen. Available soon in grocery stores country-wide, Crafty Ramen is making it easier than ever for Canadians to access ramen, reimagined, at home.

Ready in seven minutes, this innovative new product combines Crafty Ramen's house-made ingredients in one solid 'puck' of ramen, frozen fresh to lock in flavour and form. Designed to fit right in a bowl, it's like taking a hot bowl of ramen from the restaurant, and putting it in the freezer. Ranging from $13 to $16 per single serving and featuring three chef-crafted meat or vegetarian options, a stovetop and a pot or a microwave is all that's needed to enjoy Crafty Ramen's newest way to noodle.

"We're changing the way that people think about ramen ─ it can be both convenient and high-quality," says Jared Ferrall, Crafty Ramen co-founder and executive chef. "Every ingredient in a bowl of Crafty Ramen, including our noodles, broth and seasoning, is made in-house and sourced locally wherever possible ─ our new Heat & Eat Ramen is no exception. The quality, flavour and comfort you get from a bowl of Crafty Ramen is the same, whether you're eating it in our restaurant or at your kitchen table."

The frozen line-up is now available to order online from the Crafty Ramen website, and will soon be on shelves in grocery stores across Canada, alongside their existing signature ramen meal kit selection. While the meal kits provide a fun, interactive cooking experience, the frozen Heat & Eat Ramen is all about convenience, ready in minutes.

What began as a single mom-and-pop ramen shop has since become a name recognized Canada-wide. In the last year alone, Crafty Ramen has been named one of Canada's Top Growing Companies and successfully landed a deal on CBC's Dragons' Den. Now, the company aims to grow the Crafty community even further. With the support of a national retail distribution partnership, noodle-lovers and noodle-novices alike will soon be able to find Crafty Ramen's newest ramen innovation in grocery stores from coast-to-coast.


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