Nicole McLaughlin Says It's "Full Circle" To Have Her Own Reebok Shoe On Bloomberg's "Idea Generation"


Nicole McLaughlin Says It's "Full Circle" To Have Her Own Reebok Shoe On Bloomberg's "Idea Generation"

Season 3, Episode 5 of the Bloomberg Originals series “Idea Generation,” with host Noah Callahan-Bever and special guest Jason Bolden is now available on YouTube, and at 8:30pm ET will be available on Bloomberg TV as well as streaming on the Bloomberg app on Connected TV Devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, also available via Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, Tubi, VIZIO WatchFree+, and

In Episode 5, host Noah Callahan-Bever chats with designer Nicole McLaughlin who discusses the incredible career arc of starting as an intern at Reebok to recently collaborating with the company to make a shoe with her own name on it. McLaughlin also encourages young designers to take risks and tells the story of how one of her conceptual designs ended up landing her a Super Bowl project with Nike.

“This was a huge full circle moment for me. From being a literal intern at the brand to having a shoe, I just never would have thought in my wildest dreams- the scared intern that was afraid of everything. And to now- they came to me with the model. And it was a women’s specific model. It’s called the Geo Mid. And I really loved it. I just thought it was customizable. There was a good canvas for me to work off of. And it reminded me of the shoe from the 90s called the Etna Mid. And it’s funny because that’s really where I pulled a lot of the inspiration from and I got to utilize my knowledge of the Reebok archive to be able to design my shoe. And also utilize my knowledge of the company as a whole like the development team, and the marketing team, who I had worked with in the past, so it was like we don’t need to be introduced because I know you already. And so it just worked really well having that experience and being able to kind of put myself to the test. But yeah my parents could not believe that I had my name on a shoe. That was a really cool moment. They were like your name is on there, that’s wild. 

“My mom has a pair and she’s been sporting it.”


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