PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Twenty-eight girls rushed to hospital after playing with Ouija board at school


How to Protect Your Children from the Dangers of Ouija Boards

As parents, we all want to protect our children from harm, and one of the most alarming risks they can face is exposure to Ouija boards. Unfortunately, this has become a growing concern, as recent news stories have highlighted the dangers that can result from playing with these supposed "games."

According to a recent article by The Sun, a group of schoolgirls in Peru were rushed to the hospital after becoming "possessed" during a Ouija board session. While this may sound like a plot straight out of a horror movie, it's a real and frightening situation that parents need to be aware of.

At its core, a Ouija board is a tool used to communicate with spirits, often with the help of a planchette or pointer that moves around the board to spell out messages. While some people may view this as harmless fun, the reality is that Ouija boards are associated with a variety of risks and dangers.

For one, Ouija boards can be a gateway to spiritual entities that may not have your child's best interests in mind. Many people report feeling a sense of malevolence or darkness when using these boards, and some have even claimed to have been physically harmed by the spirits they encountered.

Furthermore, Ouija boards can be a source of misinformation and confusion. Because the messages spelled out on the board are often unclear or cryptic, it can be difficult to know whether the entity you're communicating with is truly benevolent or not. This can lead to a sense of false security or even encourage risky behavior.

So, as concerned parents, what can we do to protect our children from the dangers of Ouija boards? Here are some practical tips and strategies to keep in mind:

Educate your children on the risks and dangers associated with Ouija boards. Make sure they understand that these are not harmless toys, and that they should never play with them without adult supervision. Monitor your child's online activity to ensure they are not searching for information on Ouija boards or other dangerous activities. If you suspect your child has played with a Ouija board or been exposed to one, talk to them openly and honestly about the risks involved. Listen to their concerns and provide reassurance and support. Encourage your child to find healthier ways to explore their spirituality or curiosity. This could involve joining a religious or spiritual community, practicing meditation or mindfulness, or engaging in creative pursuits that allow them to express themselves in a positive way. Consider seeking the help of a professional counselor or therapist if your child is struggling with anxiety or other mental health concerns related to their exposure to Ouija boards.

While the use of Ouija boards may seem like harmless fun, the reality is that they are associated with a variety of risks and dangers. As parents, it's our responsibility to educate ourselves and our children on these risks, and to take proactive steps to protect them from harm. By following these practical tips and strategies, we can help ensure our children grow up safe, happy, and healthy.

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