NLE Choppa Talks Megan Good, Viral Photo of Dog Walking Sexyy Red and Sukihana, and More on the Latest Episode of the Baller Alert Show


NLE Choppa Talks Megan Good, Viral Photo of Dog Walking Sexyy Red and Sukihana, and More on the Latest Episode of the Baller Alert Show

Baller Alert just released its latest episode of The Baller Alert Show featuring NLE Choppa. The rapper joins the cast to discuss growing up in Memphis, Megan Good, viral photo of him dog walking Sexyy Redd and Sukihana, fatherhood, new music and more. 

4:01 - NLE Choppa has a message for Megan Good

"I don't even want to have sex with Megan Good. I just want to talk to her. I'd rub her feet."

Message to Megan Good. "Hey Megan, hey Ms. Good - I just want to simply send you some flowers. Can I do that? I just want to send you about $10,000 - $20,000 worth of roses. Just flooded. Like quality stuff. Not no Whole Foods roses. That's all I want to do, I promise. I ain't tryna freak on you."

15:01 NLE Choppa Discusses Getting His First Big Break as a Teenager

"I started catching buzz at like 15 and then I had my first break out here at like 16 -- Shotta Flow. I was in the club performing it at 16."

15:46 NLE Choppa Discusses Growing Up "In Survival Mode" In Memphis

"I grew up in survival mode. If you from Memphis, it's like you not living there, you surviving. So, I feel like I overcame that city. A lot of people say the tough cities is LA, New York - big cities but Memphis is wild."

21:05 Dreaming of Dolphins to Day Young Dolph was Murder

"What crazy is I'm so in tuned spiritually, the morning when it happened, I woke up and the dream I had, I was swimming with dolphins. And I know God always send messages through my dreams but it's so crazy how much his passing was so spiritual to Memphis. And Memphis even had a small earthquake that day, a lot of people don't know that."

22:14 Fatherhood

"I love being a father it's what got me sparked on change. It's what made me become the man I am."

"She made me grow up. And I wanted whenever she start to deal with men in the future, she knows what a man is, she knows how to be treated. I had to clean up a lot for her."

26:47 Viral Photo Dog Walking Sexyy Red and Sukihana

"It was pretty much their idea. We was in the moment and just having fun, enjoying ourselves. Red threw the alley-opp. I'm snitching on Red- she'll tell you right now, she threw the alley-oop. She was originally on her knees performing towards the camera, then she got on her paws and then she pulled her hair and said 'you should hold my hair' and I kinda held her hair and it just looked like I was holding a dog. From that point on, she told Suki to get down too. And I'm like uhhh...then I grabbed that one and that's what it was. I got flamed up for it. I was sad as fuck for three day because I felt it was misinterpreted. I love women too much to be labled as someone who degrades women. I felt guilty, I took accountablity as well."

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