Planet Giza Are 'Ready When You Are' New Album Out Now


Planet Giza Are 'Ready When You Are' New Album Out Now

Montreal based hip-hop group Planet Giza released their long-awaited sophomore album, Ready When You Are, out now, via AWAL.  

The project touches on a range of themes, from fame to relationships, once again narrating the experience of group member and vocalist Tony Stone, over the stellar production of the groups Rami B & DoomX.
Ready When You Are displays Tony Stone embracing the bad boy, heartbreaker persona, and marks a definite shift compared to a distinct air of innocence highlighted in previous Planet Giza projects. 

The album opens with the title track ‘Ready When You Are’, an easy to listen to slice of R&B with a percussive drumbeat. With layered vocal ad libs throughout and beautiful harmonies woven into the chorus, the track really sets the tone for what is a beautiful musical exploration of the hip-hop genre. The track ends with shakers that continue into track two, titled ‘Quiet On The Set’. The latest single to be revealed before the full project release, this track combines a dark piano line with lush jazzy chords, glued together by rapid flows and a sweet, melodic chorus from Tony.

Track three on the album is ‘Think Of Me’, featuring hip-hop great Mick Jenkins. The beat, reminiscent of old-school Roland drum machines, is complemented by Tony’s lullaby-esque melodies, suggesting to a lover that “late night drives make you think of me”. Next up is ‘Sometimes’, a synth-heavy production awash with experimental percussion. The track features a beautiful chorus from Sun, which combines with Tony’s rhythmic vocal lines to create a soft and soulful tune. The following track is ‘Ships N Luv’, a vintage sounding, sample-based production from Rami B & DoomX, with a relaxed, lazy flow from Tony brimming with braggadocio, speaking on his experiences of love and relationships as he grew up. 

Track six on the album, featuring Chicago native Femdot, is a jazzy rap anthem that touches on how they got to where they are today, and what they bring to the hip-hop scene. The track is full of strong-willed and confident advice to their listeners - “that being vocal shit don’t make you soft” - and displays a distinct note of wisdom from the two rappers. The next tune is ‘Elevator’, featuring UK rap titan Kojey Radical. The track is underpinned by a sombre piano melody, peppered with funky guitar licks and saxophone lines. The verses tap into the trials and tribulations of an up-and-coming rapper, the superficiality of the music scene & the never-ending quest for musical validation.  

Following this is track eight on the album, ‘Keep It’, an eerie rap track with high pitched bells and haunting string melodies that create a tense yet addictive piece. In this track, Tony Stone effortlessly brags on the beat, opening with the line “someone take my heart, I don’t want it”, which sets the tone for this heartbreaker anthem. The project softens with the next track, ‘Fatal Attraction’, a smooth & sultry slice of hip-hop/R&B, with soft vocal melodies and harmonious backing vocals, creating a lovely contrast compared to the sound of the previous track. Track nine is ‘WYD’, the first single to be released from the album, featuring Chicago heavyweight Saba. The production has a repeated cuckoo-like vocal paired with glittering synths and filtered beatboxing sounds in the background, a seeming nod to early Timbaland. The track’s lyrics offers a more introspective approach from Tony Stone, talking about the mesmerising effects his love interest has on him, and how she knows it - “oh girl you know just what you doin’”. 

The penultimate track on the album is ‘Folded’, featuring Topaz Jones, an up-tempo, bouncy tune that’s guaranteed to keep your head bopping. The track is a light-hearted ode to love songs, with a sweet R&B style chorus complemented by luxurious backing vocals, and a sharp, quick delivery from Topaz Jones. The final tune is ‘Do Dat There’, a subtle production tribute to Justin Timberlake, with Tony Stone even ad-libbing in JT’s classic style at the beginning. The track is an ice-cold club banger that oozes with confidence and swagger, and, featuring a sharp verse from Lan’do, is the perfect end to a diverse project that effortlessly shows off the lyrical skill of Tony Stone and production finesse from Rami B & DoomX.

Ready When You Are is Planet Giza’s moment, it kicks off their boldest, and brightest era yet. 
Full tracklisting can be found below: 

‘Ready When You Are’ 
‘Quiet On The Set’ 
‘Think Of Me’ ft. Mick Jenkins 
‘Sometimes’ ft. Sun 
‘Ships & Luv’
‘Northern Playalistic’ ft. Femdot
‘Elevator’ ft. Kojey Radical & Venna 
‘Keep It’
‘Fatal Attraction’
‘WYD’ ft. Saba 
‘Do Dat Dere’ ft. Lan’do

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