Art Vancouver is now open! 4-7 May | Art Vancouver 2023


Art Vancouver is now open! 4-7 May | Art Vancouver 2023

Art Vancouver, Western Canada’s largest international art fair is once again uniting the world through art, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre West on May 4–7, 2023.  

Art Vancouver's vision is a noble one that seeks to use the universal language of art to connect people from different parts of the world and to promote a sense of global community. By bringing together artists and galleries from across Canada and around the world, Art Vancouver aims to showcase a diverse range of contemporary artwork that reflects the unique perspectives, experiences, and cultures of each participating artist.

Art Vancouver marks its 7th edition, welcoming 100+ exhibitors, making Vancouver a destination city for artists, collectors and art lovers alike. Unique to this year, is a panel discussion about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and art, providing valuable insights and perspectives from experts in the field.

Artist talks, demonstrations and art classes are always a great way for attendees to learn new skills and techniques, and having more of them available means that more people can benefit from the educational opportunities. 

Art Vancouver has put together a diverse and engaging program that offers something for everyone. Whether attendees are artists themselves, or simply enthusiasts of art and creativity, there should be plenty of opportunities to learn, engage, and be inspired.

Tickets are available for purchase.

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Dates: May 4–7, 2023

Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre


About Vancouver Visual Art Foundation

Established in 2017, the non-profit organization was started to make art accessible to everyone, with the goal of promoting and developing Vancouver’s visual art community into a thriving international art scene. VVAF hosts their main annual event, Art Vancouver, a four-day international art fair showcasing artists from across Canada and around the world.

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