Lil Boosie Talks His Social Media Antics, Trouble's Death, Crushing on Rihanna, Gunna Being "a Rat" and More on the Baller Alert Show


Lil Boosie Talks His Social Media Antics, Trouble's Death, Crushing on Rihanna, Gunna Being "a Rat" and More on the Baller Alert Show

Baller Alert just released a new episode of The Baller Alert Show featuring Lil Boosie. He joins the cast to discuss crushing on Rihanna, his topless pool parties, wanting more kids, Gunna allegedly snitching and more.

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Some highlights from the episode include:

17:20 - Booise talks his social media antics and getting banned from Instagram
"It's real. I ain't sugar coating shit. It's how I feel."

"After they took my [Instagram profile] with 13 million [followers], the shit I be saying about them on Twitter, I probably wouldn't give me my Instagram back."

17:47 On his relationship with Vlad and whether Vlad is the police
"Me and Vlad ain't never really argue... We do numbers, he pay me good."

"I've never incriminated nobody on there. I've never said nothing to start a beef on there. I've never had no backlash—everybody love my interviews on Vlad. It's just sometimes rapper go on there and [forget] they're criminals. You can't blame Vlad."

20:26 Relationship with the late rapper Trouble and how he was affected by his death
"That hurt me, bro. That was my patna. That was like all I had in Atlanta. That was my boy --- He just like a red Boosie, He was a special person, a leader."

22:24 New Music
Boosie reveals his new project drops June 2.

23:00 On his movies
"I think I'm finna shoot one this summer. I got one called No Honor Amongst Thieves that's going to drop at the end of the summer... Movies are my passion right now, it's what I like to do. I like directing. I write them. I direct them. It's a passion."

25:09 On his Crush on Rihanna
"I don't fantasize her as much since she had the child. I still love her as wanting her to be successful. I like her being a mama now. She's like a MILF."

25:57 On wanting more kids
"I'm baby sick right now...It's been 7 years, I ain't never went this long."

26:28 On his next baby mama
"I kinda want a Chinese baby mama. Cause I wanted a lil boy with a Chinese Boosie fade, but I don't know if that's going to happen... I'm just baby sick right now. I been seeing all these lil babies and I'm good with babies. I'm ready to nut in somebody. I'm ready to have another baby. I gone even lie, that shit been on my heart."

34:28 On Gunna
"He a rat. I been said it. I was the first one. I don't hold my tongue for nobody. Alot of people as regular civilians when you sign and jump into this street shit and rap it too and get paid millions, so you can double dip? Now you're double-dipping and going against everything you rap about, I don't feel that's fair. And I don't hold my tongue for somebody that does that because you made so much money off saying you would never do that."



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