$VN Drops Futuristic Animated Music Video for Hit Single "Deviant" Out NOW On Faded4U.com


$VN Drops Futuristic Animated Music Video for Hit Single "Deviant" Out NOW On Faded4U.com

Following their massive success on the charts last year, $VN are starting spring off with a bang, releasing an animated music video for their hit single "Deviant". The song made waves on SoundCloud, peaking at #37 on the Top 50: All Music Genres chart in 2022, and racking up over a million streams. To keep up the momentum, the duo enlisted the help of frequent collaborator and visual artist/director @thatboykav (known for working with artists such as Bad Bunny, Marshmello, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Woods and more) to create a stunning animated music video for their club banger.

Viewers are taken on an adrenaline-fueled ride through “Sapphire city”, a place where the impossible becomes possible. The city is a futuristic metropolis that seems to exist in a different dimension. The character models of $VN duo members, SAGS and nyXsun, are shown driving around the city in a sleek, high-speed hovercraft that defies the laws of gravity. The city is alive with neon lights and giant holographic displays. Everywhere they look, they see signs of the $VN brand.

As they approach their favorite destination, “Club $VN”, the music intensifies, and the camera zooms in on the duo's faces, capturing their anticipation and excitement. When they arrive at the club, they are greeted by a dazzling display of neon lights, pulsing beats, and electrifying dancers.

"We wanted to shoot a music video for this track, and we might still do that, but we knew we could call up Kav to bring the vision to life in animated form," says SAGS. "The story and theme of the song are captured perfectly with the bright lights in the dark city and club setting. It's amazing to see ourselves in animated form, geared up in clothing we usually wear, driving around the city and hitting a club, just like we'd do in real life."

"Deviant" is more than just a hit single - it's a journey through the murky depths of desire, a haunting melody that tells the story of a woman who is both irresistible and dangerous. Produced by the enigmatic @yoshubs, a longtime friend and member of the MØD (Makers Over Dreamers) crew, the song is a masterful blend of smooth beats, hypnotic melodies, and raw, unfiltered emotion.

In each verse, SAGS and nyXsun take turns describing their experiences with the mysterious "Deviant" woman. She is a force to be reckoned with, a siren song that lures them ever deeper into a world of passion and danger. Despite knowing that she is no good for them, they find themselves drawn to her again and again, unable to resist her seductive charms.

And then there’s the hook - a silky smooth melody manned by Club 97, a collaborator and friend who provided the initial song theme and idea. The hook is the heart of the song, a hypnotic refrain that echoes through the listener's mind long after the song has ended.

$VN and the MØD crew have much planned for the rest of the year including a relaunch of their website with a merch store, new collaborations and of course, new music. For now, they’re staying Deviant in Sapphire city.

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