Casio to Release G-SHOCK CLEAR REMIX


Casio to Release G-SHOCK CLEAR REMIX

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of new additions to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The seven CLEAR REMIX models make use of see-through materials for designs that offer a view of the watches' internal componentry.

The G-SHOCK project began with the idea of developing "a tough watch that wouldn't break, even if dropped," a concept that overturned the conventional wisdom of the time. In a process of repeated testing, the construction and materials were redesigned again and again. This tireless pursuit in the face of challenges bore fruit in 1983 with the debut of the G-SHOCK. Casio has since released an array of different G-SHOCK watches that carry on this evolution in function and design.

The 40th anniversary CLEAR REMIX shock-resistant watches embody the G-SHOCK spirit of challenge in designs that offer a view of the internal componentry, including the module and circuit board. Seven popular G-SHOCK models, including the very first G-SHOCK with its iconic design, have been carefully selected and redesigned with see-through materials used for the case, band, LCD, buttons, and other elements.

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