FORESTIS Bressanone, Italy


FORESTIS Bressanone, Italy

Asaggio introduces FORESTIS, a new refuge in South Tyrol featuring 62 suites and rooms. The projects also encompasses the large FORESTIS Spa, located 1,800 metres above sea level on Plose mountain, above Brixen, at eye level with the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Dolomites. Located in a place of peace and power, the projects puts nature at its center, with the Dolomites directly in front.

Careful handling of the landscape was the premise for the construction of three tree-like towers that let nature take the lead through a clean and linear architectural language. With the same respect, the connecting corridors and areas such as the restaurant and spa were brought into the underground.

Continuing the idea of the original healing place, namely the century-old main building of FORESTIS, all rooms face the sun. Four causal elements - spring water, air, sun, and climate - are represented by the interior design and architecture through the use of four natural materials. Stone is a central material: a mineral surface coating allowing the dolomite to enter the building. Glass represents good air quality through its transparency.

Guest are immersed in the middle of the forest, at eye level with the monumental Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The sun strengthens and warms, inspiring the use of natural warm fabrics that radiate comfort. Walls and ceilings in the suites are made of untreated spruce. In the listed building, reminiscent of a large manor house, elements such as its coffered ceilings and windows were not permitted to be changed. The wood of the facade also remains unchanged and reflects the history of the building.

Photo credit: FORESTIS

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