LSU Basketball Star Flau'jae Talks Starring On The Rap Game, Playing Basketball and Rapping At The Same Time, Relationship w/ Latto, + More


LSU Basketball Star Flau'jae Talks Starring On The Rap Game, Playing Basketball and Rapping At The Same Time, Relationship w/ Latto, + More

The latest Baller Alert Show episode is out! This time, LSU Basketball star and rapper Flau'jae joins the cast to discuss starring on The Rap Game as a child, college basketball, attending LSU, Latto music video and more.

Highlights from the episode include:

3:50 On her late father Camoflauge inspiring her to rap

"My mom didn't tell me who my dad was at first, I just found out through people telling me that he was a rapper. See, I didn't know till I was walking around and I'm getting like lil special treatment and 'they like you Flaug daughter?' I'm like yeah. Then I went to go listen and I did my research.  And once I heard that, I'm like man I'm finna rap."

6:00 On her mom quitting her job and becoming her manager

"When we moved to Atlanta to go on The Rap Game she quit her job. Because we was in the Rap Game house for three months straight. We had to move there. So like, what she gonna tell her job? She had to leave. She became full-on momager. She went from dentist to manager."

7:00 On getting on The Rap Game

"I seen the commercial. The first [season]. It was Latto, Supa Peach, Lil Niqo. I was like oh my god mama I want to be on that. It was big because it was the first thing with kids as rappers. The second season my mama hit them up, they was like she don't really fit the storyline. They had like big cities-- Brooklyn, Chicago-- I'm from Savannah so they was like 'That ain't gon work.' Third season, they had me in consideration. I was like doing zooms and stuff and then they come back like 'you ain't make it.' But you an alternated so if somebody drop out you can come. It happened somebody dropped out."

13:44 On selecting LSU

"Man, I seen Coach Mulkey on TV acting crazy. With her lil outfits on. She was cussing out the ref and I was like 'I need to play for her.' And I already knew her resume. She has three national championships, hall of fame coach-- I was like yeah I'm going to play for her. That's what I need. But at that time, she was at Baylor moving to LSU and I'm like this perfect. Nobody over there, I can help build something. And then coaches didn't want to take a chance on me in basketball... On my visit there [Coach Mulky] took me to the studio. 'I'm like 'you can sign me up right now.'"

22:35 On whether she wants to join the WNBA

"As a competitor in basketball, you want to play the best of the best. That's an honor. But as a businesswoman, it got to make sense. If I'm making how much money I'm making in college and I go to the league and have to take a pay cut. It's like, what that do for me?"

25:11 Caitlin Clark controversy 

"It was a double standard type of thing. You know how that go."

27:58 Why weren't you in the Latto video?

"Angel she loves being in videos. She the cute girl. That's her thing. Latto she hit me about it, the day before. She was like 'I want you to be in the video.' I was like 'I'm in LA right now. But yeah we can make it happen...' But we didn't make it happen. Her people never hit my people. I seen she had asked Angel like a week before. And I was like 'ok, maybe she ain't really want me in the video for real but she had to ask cause we kinda had a relationship before and she put Angel in it.' I didn't really care because Angel was in it and that was a big moment for women's basketball, and at the same time, why wouldn't you put me in it? It just made sense."



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