Make Sure You Check Out "Name On The Wall" NEW EP by Kota Moss on FADED4U.COM NOW


Make Sure You Check Out "Name On The Wall" NEW EP by Kota Moss on FADED4U.COM NOW 

Kota Moss, a rising star in the alternative rap genre, has proven to be a diverse talent with an intriguing background. Known for his unique blend of influences, Kota's journey began at the tender age of 8, where he began playing various instruments, leading to a stint as the frontman of a band that opened for prominent acts such as The Marshall Tucker Band and Papa Roach. However, his path wasn't straightforward. 

Kota served in the Air Force and lived in various places around the world, including Germany, Japan, Texas, Washington D.C, and Savannah. His experiences, struggles, and the tragic loss of a close friend to a fentanyl overdose have profoundly shaped his music.

Kota's return to music came with a shift towards the hip-hop genre, resulting in a unique rock-rap style that resonates with his fans. With a commitment to authenticity, Kota writes, produces, and mixes and masters 95% of his songs, a hands-on approach that is reflected in his distinctive sound. His inspirations range from artists like Lil Peep in the emo genre to Odesza and Caskey, among others. Kota's diversity in voice and style, although challenging to categorize, has found a home at UNFOWND MUSIK. His highly anticipated EP, "Name on the Wall," was set to release on May 12, 2023, showcasing his knack for bending genre boundaries. This year, fans can also look forward to new singles and a tour, marking Kota's definitive arrival on the music scene.

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