Rapper Toosii Discusses Hit Record Favorite Song, Dropping Out of School, People Questioning His Sexuality, and More


Rapper Toosii Discusses Hit Record Favorite Song, Dropping Out of School, People Questioning His Sexuality, and More

A new episode of the Baller Alert show is out! This time, Rapper Toosii joins the crew to talk his childhood, getting into music and dropping out of school, people question his sexuality and more.

18:50 - Growing up in Syracuse NY and moving to North Carolina

"It was cool. Just to be able to make it out of there is a testimony. It's a great story and I'm happy to be where I'm at. I move to North Carolina. when I was like 13. I was back and forth in my early years. My mom moved me there for a better life. It was just a lot going on. My sister and my brother was in and out of prison. My mom and dad separated.."

21:17 - On how he got the name Toosii

"Toosii came from-- My sister use to call me Toota Butt growing up and everybody in my family use to call me Too. The football players on my team use to pick on me and call me Toosey, Tootsi and Tootsie Roll. They use to pick on my name. A kid on my team use to [pronounce it] Toosii so I ran with it."

22:10 - Getting into music and going to the studio for the first time/dropping out of school

"Shout out to my sister ex-boyfriend. He took me to the studio in 2016 for the first time. I was already writing music since I was 13, but I never had the means to go to the studio...my mom ain't have no money like that. I was that kid, I never ask my mom for nothing... I remember going to the studio 2016 for the first time. After that I was just in there, in there and in there. I was finding a hustle, anyway to make money to be able to pay for studio time. 2017, I dropped out of school."

32:27 On his hit record Favorite Song

"Top 5 Billboard. I'm looking at people's accolades as I'm scrolling on Twitter and the Internet, I see people tweet 'such and such just reached #13 on Billboard for the first time.' And I'm like '13? This the highest they been on Billboard...' I'm like, I came in on 52 and I'm talking to my label and they like this not regular.... [Favorite Song spent] 16 weeks inside the Billboard Hot 100 and probably 8 weeks in the top 10. We pushing it. I feel like it's cool, but the biggest thing is we gotta do it again."

41:58 - On people questioning his sexuality

"It don't really bother me. I think the biggest thing that bother me is when people play with me. I would never let nobody play with me while my son is around...My son gotta get on the internet one of these days, and the internet is forever and he gotta see this. And I don't got no problem with the LGBTQ community. At the end of the day, calling someone gay is not an insult. People try to use it as an insult but it's people's sexuality. So don't try to throw it on a black man to down him. That's not gonna bring me down"



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