DJ W/FRNDS Gets the Crowd Jumping on "DNCE W/ME"


DJ W/FRNDS Gets the Crowd Jumping on "DNCE W/ME"

Born and raised in Toronto, W/FRNDS is the pseudonym of Matt McCartney, a genre-blending DJ/producer who first started creating music in a folk rock band during his late teens while simultaneously pursuing a professional hockey career. When members of the band started to develop other interests, W/FRNDS followed his passion and began writing and producing music for other artists where he fell in love with the art of collaboration and songwriting.

"DNCE W/ME" is simply a carefree song for people to lose themselves in and forget about everything else going on in the world. Sometimes the songs that connect with us the most are the ones that make us feel happy – full stop. Every sound, every lyric, was chosen to provide an energetic, inclusive feeling that forces you to bounce, dance, and catch good vibes.

Stream + share the incredibly fun "DNCE W/ME” now: https://linktr.ee/wfrnds

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