Out NOW Platinum Award Winning Hip Hop meets R&B Twin Hector


Out NOW Platinum Award Winning Hip Hop meets R&B Twin Hector

 Twin Hector and his full-length album What A Time II Be Alive. Undulating between the soft waves of hip-hop, R&B, soul and pop, Hector has delivered a collection of scintillating and exquisite songs that really connect with the innermost emotions.The album showcases Twin Hector's multi-dimensional approach to music under hyper-imaginative settings, glamorous vignettes of a party lifestyle, and ethereal interludes of intense romance. 

The focus track, "Genie", is a kickback anthem laced with notes of budding flirtation over subliminal, dream-like beats. Twin Hector confides, "The song 'Genie' came together from a lifestyle of grown up fun. Being aware; a student of my environment and real life scenarios I find myself in." Over a decadent storm of rhythms, deep plunges of percussion, and fantasy-filled sonics, Twin Hector will lure you inside his world with a pristine vocal cut from raw experience.

Having moved between Dayton, Atlanta and the City of Angels, Twin Hector has a wealth of musical experience to draw from. His influences extend to Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Drake, Future, and Jay Z. One thing they all have in common is the ability to make music that is punctuated by classic production and Twin Hector is no different.

The Los Angeles based contemporary artist famed for his penmanship, capacity to act as a performing & recording muse, as well as a record engineer, has become the voice for sweet and transparent anthems that mostly revolve around courtships, love and relationships.

Releases like the gushing ode to girlfriend Blac Chyna “Loving You is Easy”, the rampaging “Attendance”, and smitten, rose-tinted record “For You” all suggest that Twin Hector is locked in. 

His upcoming album What A Time II Be Alive features lush settings iced with glamor, musings on a honeymoon phase, and deep profiles on Hector's inner-psyche. The album's focus track “Genie” chronicles a blossoming relationship over the backdrop of a lavish LA partyscape. 

Twin Hector demonstrates an ability to be tender, authentic, original and honest. No stone is left unturned as the artist endeavors to bring good news to the hopeless, a vision to the blind and to live in the Almighty’s favor. 

With a voice that transcends the spirit, poetic and distinct wordplay oozing passionate embraces, beauty is a place where the brave live. Unafraid to tell his story, be present in the moment and celebrate life.

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