Classified - People (Official Video)


Classified - People (Official Video)

Classified's new music video for "People" is a heartwarming and inspiring ode to the power of human connection. The video features a diverse cast of real people from all walks of life, sharing their stories of love, loss, resilience, and hope.

The video opens with a close-up of Classified singing the song's opening lines: "People, we're all connected / By the threads of our lives / We all have a story to tell / And we all want to be heard." The camera then pans out to reveal a montage of people from all over the world, sharing their stories in their own words.

We hear from a young mother who lost her husband to cancer, but who found the strength to carry on for her children. We meet a refugee who fled his home country in search of a better life, and who now works tirelessly to help others in need. We see a couple who have been together for 50 years, and who share their secrets to a long and happy marriage.

Through it all, Classified's music provides a backdrop of hope and encouragement. The video's message is clear: we are all connected, and we all have something to offer the world.

Watch the video now and share it with your friends and family. Let's celebrate the people in our lives and the stories that make us who we are.

Written by FADED4U

LISTEN: https://flyingcolours.ffm.to/classifi...

Directed by Brothers Boyd

Lighting by Dave Hamilton

Produced by Chipper 



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